#GirlBoss – Sophia Amoruso

Although this is initially the first book I read, I wanted to write the review on it later. Sophia writes a very non-typical inspirational book on how she ended up becoming the CEO of Nasty Gal.

#GirlBoss was a book that encouraged women to embrace who they are in their individuality and uniqueness and to allow that to shine in whatever they do. The book was inspiring in showing how Sophia didn’t necessarily go through life with the mindset that she would one day start her business but just in that she was just being true to who she was and didn’t force herself to try to fit in with everyone else. The idea of being a #GirlBoss is by living an awesome life where you can do whatever you want. Sophia’s desire for the book was to teach girls like me to learn from our own mistakes and from those around us.

What I loved about this book is that it wasn’t about how to get rich or even how to start your own business but instead teaching how to embrace your childlike dreams, to never become ‘a bore’ as she puts it and to never let the Man get to you. For me, my desire has been to start my own business and I think for those who have the entrepreneurial mindset, we sometimes wonder when it will be our time to walk through the door or when will all the pieces fall into the right place. This book gave real insights on the ups and downs of Sophia’s life overall and how by simply doing what she loved and being authentic about it, it led her to where she is now.

In reading this book, I realize that the unlikely path sometimes lands you right where you need to be. But the important thing isn’t about making it or getting to your destination but about the journey and sticking true to who you are while on that journey. That’s what it means to be a #GirlBoss, not changing yourself to fit in but being true to who you are and letting that authenticity come through in everything that you do.

Great book, I recommend getting your hands on it. I’ve just finished my third book so I’ll be posting about that soon enough.


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