CJ King – The Session Review

Sometime ago, I wrote a review on CJ King and his single All I Need, which was dedicated to his new bride and how much I really enjoyed that song. Well just last week CJ dropped his latest project on iTunes titled The Session. I wanted to spend time listening to it before  I wrote a review on it. I find it so easy to write reviews on independent artists like CJ than on mainstream artists just because I feel like everyone is writing the same thing. It’s so refreshing being able to write an artist such as CJ King who remain grounded in the processing of pursuing their dreams and allowing God to have His way in the process.

This project with 6 tracks provides a personal perspective into CJ’s walk and life. He starts off with the track ChurchBoi which describes a church boy who moves beyond being a boy who goes to church to someone who develops a relationship with Christ. The song plays as a introduction to who CJ King is and his upbringing in the church. As a PK (Pastor’s Kid) myself, I know all too well the life of being in church everyday, not being allowed to listen to secular music but that all helped to create who we are today.

The Move and So High are my favorite tracks on this album. As I listen to The Move I was just encouraged that with each move that I make in this life, God has my back. His desire for me to move on his tempo and pursue this life according to His Will. So High is another great song dedicated to CJ’s wife, describing her walk in Christ, their relationship and how her love for him and Christ pushes him to grow to become a better man for her and himself. CJ continues to show off his love for his wife with the track, Perfect 4 Me and the title speaks for itself.

CJ King put together a great project that anyone can vibe to with each track containing a great beat and message that anyone can rock and connect to. It was appropriately named The Session with what feels like a private insight into this up and coming artist’s life. If you’ve copped this project let me know what you think.

I’m also posting his latest music video for So High, I’m looking forward to the next music video for ChurchBoi. 



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