Calling Maggie May – Anonymouos

Calling Maggie May is a series of journal entries that put the reader in the shoes of a young Asian girl who’s initially dealing with the pressure of having to meet the expectations of her family. She’s made to keep a journal to document her academic achievements, but eventually uses it to express her thoughts and feelings that she can’t openly talk about with her parents. Like any young high schooler, she deals with a lot of insecurities as well as the pressure from her foreign parents to excel at everything so she can be successful. Though we’re never fully aware off the writer’s name, we become involved in her life and struggle to find more to her life.

Then one day she meets a girl, Ada, who captivates her attention and desires to get close to. She talks about how Ada stands out in their high school and yet completely blends in. Through a brief encounter, Ada and our author interact with each other and from here the story truly begins.

Through their interaction you find out that Ada is a call girl and despite Ada’s opposition, the author wants to become a part of this life. From there the journal entries cover her journey as she decides to live this life, desiring to stop living for he parents, doing what they want and doing something adventurous for a change.

I have to say I liked this style of book with the journal entries and being in the head of the author, but during the entire time I had to keep reminding myself that we never actually know who this girl is and that it could really be anyone. It was a really crazy story where this girl went from feeling she could never amount to what her parents wanting to just going to the extreme of taking so many risks and putting herself in danger. I did think myself silly as well because I figured that the name Maggie May might have been a type of fake name as part of the character living her secret life, but that wasn’t the case either. The way the story is put together, you’re given the impression that this is a true story and is to follow the outline of the Go Ask Alice story if you’re familiar with that book. Since I never read Go Ask Alice I didn’t know what to expect but I was definitely taken off guard at the end of it all.

Let me know if you’ve read Calling Maggie May or any of the other books that are part of the Anonymous journal books and what your thoughts are on it.


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