The Mother – Yvette Edwards

I’m away behind on my book reviews and I have a couple music reviews coming up, I appreciate your patience with me.

The Mother by Yvette Edwards covers the story of a mother dealing with the loss of her son as a result of senseless violence. To get an understanding of why her son had toddy, Marcia Williams, makes it her priority to attend the trial of her son’s killer, Tyson Manley. As the trials plays out, Marcia begins to realize that there is more to her son’s death than she realize. The book covers how a mother figures a way to deal with the loss of her only son, how to bring healing to her life, healing to her marriage that has been at a standstill since their son’s death and take a look into who she is throughout the trial.

I picked this book randomly, not really knowing whether I would like it or not but it turned out to be better than I expected.  I can’t imagine the thought of losing a child, let alone losing them because of an act of violence. This story takes you through all the emotions imaginable that Marcia deals with as she searches for answers and tries to make sense of it all. I always believe there’s never a way to truly get over a loss, you learn to move forward but never able to get over it completely. What stuck out for me in this book is the way that the author shows you how nothing is what it seems but that even in the darkest of situations, there is still hope, peace and reconciliation.

This definitely wasn’t your typical story of a senseless crime with the hope of seeking justice, but instead the pursuit to find healing and restoration. I recommend this book and if anyone has read it before, comment below.


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