#TBTracks: Numb/Encore – Linkin Park & Jay-Z

All day today I was trying to think of what songs to post as this week’s TBTracks and just thinking of what would be a good song, then I heard the sad news this morning about Chester Bennington and it just broke me.

I grew up listening to Linkin Park and to hear this news, I felt like a ton of bricks were dropped on me. All throughout middle school and high school, I rocked heavy with LP, I have so many memories that it’s crazy. One thing for sure is mental health is real and I just want to say for anyone who follows or reads my blogs, if you’re struggling with depression, anxiety or anything, please don’t feel like you’re alone. There’s always a way out even if it doesn’t seem like it. Please don’t ever feel like suicide is the only answer.

So I want to dedicate my TBTracks to Chester Bennington, I will keep his family and the Linkin Park members, friends, family and fans in my prayers. Here’s to one of the best collabs:


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