About Me

Although I said I wouldn’t make my first post your typical bio post, I figured that my readers would want to know something about me.

As I ended my last post I introduced myself, my name is Kathleen. I have a desire in my heart to impact the world in some way. To make my life meaning and significant. I desire to understand what my purpose and calling is in life.

Here’s a quick background on me. I’m a New Jersey native, Haitian-American, daughter of a pastor, Liberty University graduate, major in Business Marketing: minor in Public Relations.

I’ve had a love for music for as long as I can remember. Music spoke to me. It understood my highs and my lows. I knew I wanted something to do with music in some way. At first I had huge dreams that I would grace the stage being a performance artist myself, then the dream of being a dancer. I had dreams that I wanted to be one of Janet Jackson’s background dancer or be a FlyGirl like on In Living Color.

Although none of these dreams came to pass, I will say I can remember clear as day when I started heading on the path of embracing what I wanted to do.

It was junior year of high school (2005) and I remember MTV had a show called PR Girls, which was basically following a very well known PR agency out in California. These girls got to do everything from restaurant grand openings to album release events. Everything they were doing I wanted to do because I knew this was connected to my dream.

Well I will say that my first ear of college I was confident that my major was going to be Public Relations (PR)…that is until I started taking the classes. Something just didn’t seem right, like a disconnect. Long story short, sophomore year I took a career assessment test, talked to a career counselor and changed my major.

Since then, I have been blessed with many opportunities to use and develop my marketing skills. I talk about those in later post.

These post are dedicated to expanding my passion and love for all things related to music, marketing, promotions, and whatever other topics I deem necessary to blog.


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