Promise – Paris Jones

Last week, while going through my Twitter timeline, I stumbled on this song called Promise, by an artist named Paris Jones. Paris Jones, has been an artist circulating the music industry for some time now, originally from California and currently residing locally here in Virginia. For his full bio and background, I recommend checking out the Official Website of Paris Jones.

The song Promise is a breath of fresh air, the song I feel couldn’t have come at a better time. Being the beginning of the new year, this song just plays as a reminder to Christians who are embarking on this journey in Christ. I do have to be honest and say that I haven’t heavily followed his music career but this song has caught my attention.

Promise is so simple and yet powerful, reminding us of the promises of God. He confirms that during hard times, it won’t always be like this. During those times, we tend to doubt Him and feel that He may have abandoned us. The truth is that God cannot lie and if He made a promise to us, He has to stand behind His words. And for those who profess to believe in Him and love Him should hold on to those words.

I, myself, have gone through tough times where I feel like my prayers hit the ceiling or that God is nowhere near me, but as the song plays I remember that we can’t allow doubt to shake us. Paris Jones emphasizes that we need to continue to pray and recall what He said. I love how he listed the promises of God in the song such as by His stripes we are healed and know that He will never leave you.

Whether this song was intended to be a worship song, I fell into a moment of humility and gratitude for God’s promises. I’m just thankful that He’s never broken His promises despite of me and my inconsistencies. This is just an encouragement, no matter if you’re going through a good or bad season. It’s just a good reminder to push you through on your journey with Christ.

This song was a pleasant surprise. An unexpected song that I’ve made one of my favorites. Please check the song out and let it bless you.


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