2016, Goodbye and maybe Good Riddance


We are near the end of 2016, at this time everyone is making their New Years’ Resolution and pronouncing their “New Year, New Me.”  2016 brought with it a lot of good and bad which is typical for any year but it seems that 2016 wanted to leave a very large stamp to be remembered by.

2016 took away with it a lot of great legends like Muhammad Ali, Prince, Carrie Fisher, Alan Thicke, Shawty Lo, Natalie Cole, shoot even Miss Cleo died this year for those who remember her. The hashtag #F*ckYou2016 has already been circulating because of all the crazy and horrible things that have taken place this year. This year was also the year that #BlackLivesMatter had to be established because it was evident that it didn’t. So many young black men lost their lives to senseless violence by the hand of the police questioning whether their intentions are truly to protect and to serve or rather who are they really protecting and serving.

And then there was the presidential election……yea I’ll leave that alone.

We could go on about how bad 2016 was but in reality each year brings along its own baggage and problems that affect all of us in some way or another. In order to see the dawn break in 2017, it’s clear that we have to make it up in our minds that it will be a great year because we decide it will be a great year. If you’re tired of living the same mundane life, then make conscious moves to break out of that, if you’re tired of dealing with people who drain you dry, then make this the year that you take care of you. The only way the dream becomes a reality is if you put actual effort towards making it a reality by setting achievable goals, otherwise it’s simply just a dream.

So many post talk about 2017 being the year of me and being selfish, which can be fine in taking care of yourself and making sure you’re whole and complete but there should be moderation, with everything we’ve all seen in this past year I think it’s clear that everyone is suffering to some capacity. So while taking care of you and making sure you’re in the right place mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, check on your fellow man because we are all dealing with our own battles and one person reaching out can easily be the boost of energy or encouragement needed to push through another day.

So while many of us are glad to see 2016 go, make sure that you don’t carry those same burdens into the new year and repeat 2016 like it’s Groundhog Day.


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