Been Gone For a Min….Now I’m Back

Hey guys,

It’s been about a month since my last blog post. So much has happened. So I’ll have to do a recap. I had been busy getting things ready and on top of that, I just returned from my two-week vacation to Korea!!!

It was an absolutely amazing vacation that I didn’t want to end. I got to meet great friends, go on great adventures, experience a new culture and eat amazing food. It was the best two weeks ever and I was so sad to have to leave all of that behind but I can confidently say that I will be back.

This week has been a little tough with dealing with jet-lag and adjusting to the time difference, but it’s been getting better. I’ve missed writing and will definitely get back on track. At this point, I’m working on trying to balance everything. At the end of this month I’ll begin my Master’s program in Entertainment Business and I’ve recently started my internship with the record label Good Fruit Co. For those who have been reading my blog, this is the same record label that the artist J. Han is affiliated with (J.Han). This is truly an amazing opportunity for me and I’m excited to see what God has in store with allowing me to work closely with them.

So I’ll really need to crack down on time management as far as still going to work full-time, my online Master’s program, Marketing internship, church activities and of course this blog. I’ll just be praying that the Lord gives me strength to do all these things not by my own ability but by the strength and ability that He will give me. I would definitely appreciate prayers and encouragement as I go through this next season of my life 🙂

So yea, that’s all that’s been happening with me, the next blog post will be of pictures of my trip to Korea. Although this doesn’t have anything directly to do with marketing or music, I still want to share small tidbits about myself here and there. I’ll be doing a few reviews on some projects that were released, some old but still I had plans to review them and got caught up in the whirlwind of life and never got to put them together. So be on the lookout for some reviews that I’ll be doing.

Thanks for being patient with me and I hope you enjoy the pictures from my amazing adventure.


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