Justin Bieber – Sorry 

I have to be honest, I’ve never cared for Justin Bieber or his music. Despite all the craze that Bieber fans created, I just wasn’t sold on him. Then of course there was all the negative publicity he was getting into with all his run-ins with the law, which gave off the impression that his career might come to an end. This song has come off as a complete surprise to me and is actually a song that I will admit will be in heavy rotation for me. Not only does the Biebs come out with a dancehall reggae flow to this song but you can definitely sense a level of maturity that follows. The song Sorry seems to kind of give off a double meaning. The first of course coming off as a sappy sad apology song but it also seems to be an apology to the media and the faithful Bieber fans that he feels he may have let down.

It’s very possible that I could be wrong but I definitely sense a level of depth with this song, enough depth to make me pay attention to Justin Bieber this go round. I’m interested to seeing more music from his upcoming album Purpose set to release next weekend and understand the image that he’s wanting to present. This could be an interesting and intriguing next move.

If you haven’t check out his latest Sorry.


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