Gramm – Day by Day Review

Since the release of his album ReDash, Gramm is showing that he’s on a mission. He’s showing that he’s taking his craft seriously and we should do the same.

He came out strong with the video The Return Of showing the world he’s returning to his rightful place in the kingdom. Now with his latest music video Day by Day, it’s providing to be an encouragement for those on the grind, the hustlers trying to push through and make it. This song is a direct reflection of the message that Gramm wants his listeners to grasp both from the album and his life.

From the interview I did with him, this has in no way been an easy journey for him. Day by Day encourages us to take each day and push through and make it count. Each day is a day to make a change and get closer to achieving your dreams and goals. As we know, tomorrow is not promised so we have to put every effort towards today. Gramm proves that despite struggles, adversity, trials and tribulations, you’re not alone and can make it. We just have to take it one day at a time.

Always Timeless Production put together a great video. This music video just has a relaxed feel to it but shows Gramm interacting with everyday people who are dealing with everyday problems. And just like the theme, each person is living one day at a time.

Overall, Gramm is hitting the music industry with force and I’m looking forward to his next move because he’s definitely just getting started. Make sure to check out the music video Day by Day, like it, share it, and show your support for kingdom music.


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