Prom – R.I.C.O Review


Prominence or Prom, as most know him, is an underground rapper on the come up. He’s released successful projects in the past with hits songs like A Few Good Men, Up & Ova, I’m On It, and Rid of Me. He’s teamed up with Gramm, as well as other artists in a few tracks in the past, but has been a very promising and strong stand alone artist.

After a musical hiatus, he recently released a single R.I.C.O (Reason I Crossed Over). One characteristic that makes me appreciate Prom as an artist is his lyricism. On this track, his lyrical content causes you to contemplate his message and makes you think. In the song, he talks about his change in being a follower of Christ and pursuing Him instead of pursuing his own passion and desire. It’s a message that speaks to all of us and even makes us think about why we individually decided to crossover (if you have), which is to leave our old sinful and selfish ways behind and become dedicated to be a follower of Christ. I really love the message behind this song.

I do have to say that I’m not too crazy about the beat. I’m use to his beats being just as amp or strong as his lyrics, which is what made his previous singles stand out. At the same time, I know and recognize that artists grow, that they change and mature. So with that being said, I’m anxious to check what his new album will have in store.

Here’s the link to Prom’s new single R.I.C.O. I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the new song.

I will be getting the opportunity to give you guys a full introduction to Prom very soon, so stay tuned for that.


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