War Is Coming – Atiba Halisi

Matthew 11: 12 “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. This scripture comes to mind while watching this music video. Starting off with an almost similar set up to ‘The Godfather’ or ‘Goodfellas’ the entire video is shot in an underground location centered around a pool table surrounded by what are suppose to be colleagues and associates of the main character. I want to dissect this music video into three parts: Cinematography, Lyrical Content and Overall Presentation.

Cinematography: The simplicity of the music video appears to be strategic more for the viewer to focus on what is being said in the video versus what is actually taking place. It’s appears that the main character, Atiba Halisi, is giving what can be considered a ‘Rise Up’ speech to those who have gathered for this moment. I’ll cover the extent of his speech in the next category, but the video set up is to show both a demanding and relaxing atmosphere. Demanding in terms of once again, rising up to the occasion and the relax atmosphere of playing billiard and enjoying a good time with friends. Cinematography was definitely a 4 out of 5 in that the concept of the video was very well put together but I would have liked to see a response, some kind of interaction and reaction to the call that Atiba is placing that ‘War is Coming.”

Lyrical Content: In this category, I have to say that Atiba doesn’t fall short in this category. From his previous work all the way through his current, Atiba’s lyrics have always been powerful, gritty, raw and cutthroat. Atiba’s lyrics describe various aspects of war in relations to things such as separating the real from the fake in terms of acknowledging who will be going into battle with you and who will flee at the moment things get hot. He talks about in the midst of war when the enemy is coming against us, we can rejoice in the victory because the enemy isn’t equipped properly to defend nor defeat the army of the Lord. He covers the basis of when Christians try to stand up for what’s right and stand their ground how the world around us tries to label us as crazy to discredit us or even try to ‘sit us down’ and keep us quiet. Atiba’s ‘Rise Up’ speech truly penetrates the heart and mind to really pay attention to what’s happening around us and even self-evaluate ourselves for when the Goliaths of this world and in our own lives come up, do we stand our ground or cower in fear. I think my favorite line would have to be ‘We all from the same gun just different calibers, executing our mission and anything that tries and challenge us.” This speaks volumes to me in the fact that we are all one body but each member of the body has a different function but all for the same purpose to bring glory to God. Lyrically, I give this a 5 out of 5 because there’s truly so much I can say about this song but not enough words or space to truly delve in.

Overall Content: I have to say overall content is phenomenal and the video couldn’t have been release at a better timing. With everything going on in the world left and right, this ‘Rise Up’ speech is truly a needed one. War is coming and it’s time for Christians to stand their ground, put their armor on and take the kingdom back by force. The passion and urgency in Atiba’s voice as well as the gathering of those who we fellowship with, reflect what’s necessary. We are to ignite the fire in one another, keep each other accountable and correct one another when we are wrong. We need to prepare for the war that is ahead. I think it should be clarified for those who may not know that this is not a war of the flesh, but a spiritual war to take back what was taken from the Kingdom and redeem it for the glory of our Heavenly Father.

I would rate this video 4.5 out of 5, simply because I would have liked to see the response to the call of urgency. It could very well be that the response lies on the individual basis as you watch the video and listen to the lyrics, but to see those around him sense and response to the urgency and “strap up” for war would have sold the video completely for me. I’m looking forward to the project “War is Coming” to drop June 30th.


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