My Great Adventure in Korea

If you read my previous blog, I’ve been on a hiatus from this blog just because I got caught up in the whirlwind of life and because…..I went to Korea for the first time for my two-week vacation!!!

It was absolutely amazing, I can’t even describe in words how much fun I had over there. It was just such a great experience all around. While in Korea I visited Seoul, Busan and Jeju Island. I was also able to finally meet friends that I had talked to for over a year through a language exchange app called HelloTalk and through KakaoTalk. It was nice to finally meet them face to face and just interact with them. They felt like old friends to me and they let me see Korea through their eyes. I was able to visit so many places and eat such great food, but I’ll let my pictures do the talking.

Enjoy 🙂

IMG_3483 IMG_3485 IMG_3494 IMG_3495 IMG_3562 IMG_3582 IMG_3596 IMG_3597 IMG_3503 IMG_3528 IMG_3506 IMG_3550 IMG_0529 IMG_3628 IMG_0537 IMG_0550 IMG_8252 IMG_0566 IMG_8305 IMG_8352 IMG_3644 IMG_3647 IMG_3672 IMG_8449 IMG_8452 IMG_3695 IMG_3701 IMG_3705 IMG_0643 IMG_0649 IMG_3771 IMG_3789 IMG_3807 IMG_3824 IMG_0659 IMG_0670 IMG_0669 IMG_0709 IMG_0722 IMG_0731 IMG_0752 IMG_0755 IMG_0766 IMG_0876 IMG_0897 IMG_0909 IMG_0920 IMG_0956 IMG_0980 IMG_1003 IMG_1006 IMG_1063 IMG_1062 IMG_1042 IMG_1060 IMG_1070 IMG_1079 IMG_1179 IMG_1180 IMG_1095 IMG_1111 IMG_1183 IMG_1185 KakaoTalk_20150915_003115857 IMG_3801 IMG_3718 IMG_3512 IMG_3523 IMG_3524 IMG_3526


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