The Making of Tower Ivory

I don’t want to write anything drawn out and elaborate but I did want everyone to check out J. Han mini documentary. He discusses what he believes is the “quintessential J. Han” song as well as his heart and purpose behind the album. Definitely worth watching, here’s the link and Enjoy 🙂   Advertisements

Father’s Day 2015

This doesn’t doesn’t have anything to do with marketing or music but in presenting who i am I just had to share. Today’s church service was unbelievable. Since it was third Sunday, I had to dance during praise and worship. The spirit was so heavy and just flowing throughout the sanctuary. Then co-pastor got up … More Father’s Day 2015

Gramm – Re-Dash

This review has been long overdue I must say. The fault has fallen on me but even so, this project deserves a review. So I present to you ReDash – Grammar aka Lingo. Gramm is no novice to the christian hip-hop industry, carving his way through and making himself a contender in the game. The … More Gramm – Re-Dash