Beauty, Strength and Power: Butta-P ‘The Coronation’ Review

butta-p-the-coronation I have a special love for female rappers. For as long as I can remember, I always wished I had the skills and ability to be a female rapper. Growing up in the 90s, it was a strong presence of them. There was Queen Latifah, Angie Martinez, Foxy Brown, Left Eye, Charli Baltimore, Vita, and my two personal favorites, Eve and Missy Elliot. Not only was there a strong presence of female rappers, there was a sense of unity and support that was being represented. In a male dominated industry, female rappers brought beauty, strength and power to the game.

When it comes to the Christian side of the game, there aren’t that many well-known Christian female rappers. There are a few names that have made efforts to push through such as Jai, Suzy Rock, and Eric Cumbo, but to be honest, most of these female rappers/singers have been more successful as part of features. As far as solo artist is concerned, Jai is th only one in this group who’s had some kind of a successful solo career. It just seems to me, someone who has a love for female rappers, there was slim pickings…and then there was Butta P.

Butta P, one-third of the Christian hip-hop trio Rhema Soul, immediately caught my attention. The first album I heard from them was ‘Dope Beats, Good News.’ The group had a completely different sound that I wasn’t use to but when I heard Butta P spit for the first time on the track titled ‘Yellow Cheese Bus Flow,’ I was instantly drawn. Her rhymes and flow was just ridiculous, for a lack of a better word. I continued to be a fan of Rhema Soul and Butta P with her exemplifying what I love about female rappers: beauty, strength and power. So when I caught wind that she was dropping her first solo project, I immediately jumped on it.

‘The Coronation’ debuting on June 30th is a great compilation of songs that reflect the many sides of Butta P from her ‘queen-boss’ attitude to her inspiring/encouraging nature to her being completely transparent about herself, her life and her walk in Christ. There was so much about this project that I appreciated and enjoyed. This album was one that I can say goes out to the ladies even though this is an album for everyone. I just love how Butta P is standing in the gap for the ladies and giving us a strong voice. in seven tracks, she is able to take us into her world and see things through her eyes. Even the Lauryn Hill samples used through the EP just push the message, hearing her clips about praying and seeking the will of the Father, along with allowing the leading of the Holy Spirit in her life just cemented the project. It’s evident that Butta P draws some inspiration from Lauryn Hill, which is something I was fond of as I also appreciate her artistry.

There are three tracks that I consider to be my favorite. They are Unstoppable, Work and See Me. These three tracks to me define who Butta P is and exhibit those sides of her as described before. Both Unstoppable and Work show off her strong ‘queen-boss’ attitude, whereas See Me is a very transparent track going through the highs and lows of her life, not only in the industry and Rhema Soul but also in her own personal life.

Overall, I hope this is the first of many. I hope to see more solo projects from Butta P, but also the first of female rappers breaking the barriers and walls. I hope more aspiring female rappers push through to have their voice heard and bring strength, power and beauty to the Christian girls who long to be just that.

Get your copy of ‘The Coronation’ here: and who knows maybe I’ll get the opportunity to do an interview with Butta P in the future.


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