All I Need – CJ King 

C.J. King, an Atlanta native, has been a rising underdog these past few years in Christian hip-hop. I had the opportunity of seeing C.J. King for the first time, in his element around the same time he was carving his way through the game. I had invited him out to perform at a showcase my church put together called ‘The Kingdom Has Talent.’ I have to say that I was definitely blown away but his artistry and how he carried himself both on and off the stage. His stage performance, energy and presence reminded me of those before him like Gramm and Reign, who put so much into their performance. It was evident that in even this simple church showcase he was completely invested into the show. This left a standing impression in my mind that I recall even till this day.
Recently, C.J. King released a single entitled All I Need, which he explains is a tribute to his wife after recently getting married. This song is both simplistic and complex. The beat is smooth and melodic like a Jill Scott song but then the addition of drums and hip-hop rhythm on the chorus gives it more depth. His voice flowing parallel with the beat gives you a Mali Music personification. The track is a beautifully written dedication to his wife. The lyrics expresses the type of future he believes the two will have and imagining growing older and maturing in their love. 
I appreciate C.J. King’s mention of Lecrae’s single, similarly entitled All I Need is You, which is a love song dedicated to both God and his queen, which as C.J. states is all he needs in his life.

For those who haven’t heard it, I would recommend you do and would love to hear other’s feedback on the song as well. You can listen to it here: All I Need – CJ King


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