Mell Omii – King Midas

Mell Omii is an artist on the low profile from Cincinnati, Ohio. He picked up the baton of Christian rap when he moved to Virginia and became a part of a group consisting of fellow rappers known as BloodPakt. Incidentally, other artists were developed by this group such as Reign, Gramm and Prom. It only makes sense that an artist such as Mell would follow suit to carve out his own path in the world.

Recently, Mell released a single entitled King Midas. This song presents a very transparent view of himself and what’s on his heart that he wishes his listeners to understand. The major theme is how he’s felt persecuted for the past wrongs in his life. The interesting thins is how Mell creates a mirror that reflects back to the listener and gives them a glimpse of what it feels like to be in his shoes. His intention though, is not for sympathy but rather to discredit the judgments he’s received and show how absurd it is. In perspective as a listener, it is crazy for the simple fact that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes but in those mistakes, lessons are created and in those lessons, maturity is developed.

Based on this song, it seems that Mell has made steps of progression to better himself, but still faces adversity. Unfortunately, this is not surprising, especially in the Christian community. It’s crazy to me that the world has no problem forgiving and forgetting wrongs (i.e. Chris Brown, Justin Bieber) but those in the faith, who are called to forgive because we were first forgiven, can’t grasp this concept. This shouldn’t be the case but it happens so often so I’m glad that Mell shared a small but significant light on the matter.

In comparison to his colleagues/predecessors, Mell is an underdog in the industry. I want Mell to prove the naysayers wrong, to prove that he’s worth the attention, not for his sake but Christ’s sake. I would charge Mell to show that the fire he’s enduring is only purging him into pure gold.

Check out the single King Midas and let me know your thoughts.


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