J. Han – Tower Ivory

In writing this blog, I thought to myself how I would describe this album and only one word came to mind: Refreshing. J. Han, a member of the christian hip-hop record label Good Fruit, has managed to put together what is a multi-genre album all while still delivering the message of the gospel and creating fun, enjoyable music with his new album “Tower Ivory.”

The album title is in reference to those living in an Ivory Tower, who look down at the people below and try to relate and dictate solutions without being on the ground to face and deal with the problems face to face. This provides perspective in how the gospel should be delivered, to meeting the needs of the people at their level. I believe this is pivotal to be seen as relatable and being an effective light in a dark world.

I have to say that this album is Refreshing. Refreshing in that in a hip-hop world where music is beginning to all sound the same, the project immediately catches your attention. I felt like I jumped into a time machine and went back to the 90s where hip-hop was captivating, fun and just made you feel good.

The project is also refreshing because once again of the eternal message that’s being given in a dark and fallen world. Each track gives insight to a reality from tracks such as Growing Pains which covers the lost of a loved one to Comrade in knowing that we don’t have to travel this Christian path alone to Kudos which reminds us to always stay humble and give the glory to God.

With 13 tracks, this fun yet purposeful album is one that should be one in rotation in one’s playlist:

1. Watch Out

2. Villain

3. Tired

4. Miscalculated

5. Bones

6. Han Solo

7. Comrades

8. Thank Me Later

9. Growing Pains

10. Chukkas

11. Shalom

12. Kudos

13. Belong

The album is available now on iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay, support J. Han and the Good Fruit Co. ministry. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tower-ivory/id979660017



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