Gramm – Re-Dash

This review has been long overdue I must say. The fault has fallen on me but even so, this project deserves a review.

So I present to you ReDash – Grammar aka Lingo.
Gramm is no novice to the christian hip-hop industry, carving his way through and making himself a contender in the game. The amazing thing is that despite pushing his way through and wanting to show his skills, he always redirected the attention to the One who gave him his gifts, talents and abilities. Always redirecting the glory not to himself but to God. Since 2007 whether through collabs and through the release of his own solo project, Gramm has always pushed himself and above all else the Great Commission.
ReDash also known as the ReDedication is the sequel to Gramm previous project “The Dedication.” This project’s purpose was to re-introduce and revamp the previous project but with a more edgy and mature sound. The Dedication in itself was an introduction to the artist of Gramm setting himself apart and making his stamp in the game. The project honestly did not do what it was initially intended to do, falling short of truly capturing who Gramm is as an artist and the ministry behind his music.
Despite the original project’s downfall, Gramm took some time to rework the project and come back with a heavy hitter in dropping ReDash. This project reflects that Gramm understood the concept of what doesn’t kill you make you stronger in taking everything that didn’t work out with the first project and perfecting it in this album.
The project contains great features such as Young Rell, Atiba Halisi, Reign Cannons, and Prominence. All of them heavy hitters in their own individual rights in pushing the ministry of the gospel. In 14 tracks, Gramm is able to encompass everything that he wanted to say but didn’t get to say in the previous project. Although there is always room to grow which is clear even in this project, it’s good to see an artist focus on forward movement to innovate themselves to become better and better.
This projet reflects the maturity of Gramm as not only an artist but a man of God. It reflects his heart, passions, concerns and so much more. Tracks to really focus on would have to be: Take Mine featuring Prom and Atiba Halisi; Nothing to Loose featuring Reign Cannons and the debut single This Is Your World. Each track was raw in reflecting on the things going on in the world around them but finding one’s footing in Christ and never taking our eyes off Him. In a world where distractions are many, we are reminded of our place in the world and in the Heavenly Kingdom and how we are to operate here on this earth. I would like to see a progression in Gramm’s next project, the same way he was able to better himself from The Dedication to ReDash, I hope to see the progression from ReDash to the next project in the works.
Track Listing:
  1. Breathe Success (Intro)
  2. Day by Day ft. Mell Omii
  3. Put You To Rest ft. Jon J, Mell Omii, Young Tower
  4. Can’t Take My Soul
  5. Laugh At You
  6. Living My Life ft. Young Tower
  7. The Return Of
  8. The King ft. Logic Da Beatman
  9. Take Mine ft. Prominence, Atiba Halisi
  10. Nothing to Loose ft. Reign Cannons
  11. The Break up
  12. Usual Suspects ft. Mell Omii, Prominence
  13. Dreams May Come ft. Young Tower
  14. This Is Your World
You can check the album and download for free on SoundCloud: or the website
Also be on the look out for an interview with Gramm as well. Thanks for following my blog, until next time.

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